Services Provided

Infrastructure and Network Upgrades

Information technology is ever-changing and network upgrades are always forthcoming. Mainstreet Technologies has the ability to work with in-house or third-party engineers to upgrade existing network infrastructure. This includes routers, switches, firewalls, and network cabling systems, as well as VoIP upgrades. While our technicians are able to work autonomously, we understand the need for two-way communication and what it means to be “smart hands on site”.

New Networks

The key to having an expandable and serviceable network lies in the original installation. Too often, the initial installation is done haphazardly, resulting in messy, and likely unsustainable, network infrastructure. While cost effectiveness is important, the long-term costs of correcting physical network deficiencies, far outweigh any money saved in the initial installation. Mainstreet understands this. Our field engineers will work with the customer project managers, onsite managers, and general contractors to install a clean, functional network, saving the end user money in the long term by giving them a network that is easy to maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade.

Preventative Maintenance Services

We believe there is more to preventive maintenance than going to your business with a can of air and a ham sandwich to “make a day of it.” Maintaining an existing network is quite nearly the single most guarantee of longevity. Preventative maintenance ensures not only that routers, switches and other network gear are clean (thus cooling properly and extending their life and efficiency) but that these devices are working properly. Proper and consistent servicing means the chances of catching issues before they become critical to business are increased exponentially. Mainstreet not only “dusts and adds stickers” to network gear but performs network speed tests, standard cable remedial updates, and engages in other non-impactful activities. These activities include speaking with the actual end users which often uncovers “hiccups” that are the foreshadow of much more serious issues. The personal touch is always part of what we do.

Critical and Non-Critical Break/Fix Services

Despite even the best precautions, devices can sometimes fail. Mainstreet will respond to your break/fix needs quickly and with the tools and materials needed to repair your network devices. Our field engineers will fix or replace devices related to most common issues. These issues include issues with network devices such as PCs, access points, point of sale systems, IP and analogue phones. We don’t just fix the issue, we strive to work with the end user to find the root cause and prevent the issue from becoming a reoccurring event, if possible. Our willingness to educate, courteous, professional attitude and technical know-how are a few of the reasons why a Mainstreet technician is right for your break/fix needs.

National and Regional Technical Deployments

We offer the ability to train, equip and deploy technicians on regional and national projects. We at Mainstreet maintain that in most scenarios, repetition builds quality, lowers installation times, reduces mistakes, and encourages mission specific skill sets to grow. In other words; the more someone does something, the better they become at it. We offer the services of dedicated, experienced field personnel for the full life cycle of any multi-site deployment.

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