Meet the Executives

Bill Mattler, President of Mainstreet Technologies Inc, is always passionately working towards building the company to benefit not only the business, but the families that work for it as well. With countless years in the business, Bill has the unique ability to see all sides of the process and roles required. From apprentices and technicians to the end users and clients we serve, he is readily looking for solutions and simplicity that bolsters ingenuity and growth in technologies whilst encouraging that very same foundational culture to his team and those that interact with them.

Sonja Andersen, Vice President of Operations, has been a part of the company since 2019, and since then has worked tirelessly to build a company in which employees, clients and end users are content with the care we show them. She is a dedicated executive to Mainstreet Technologies Inc, an impactful and incredible leader whose value to the team is immeasurable. Her quality and ingenuitive insight helps to lead the company and team to success and foster a work/life balance for all.